3 Top Reasons Your Furnace Cycles On and Off Frequently

Heating systems are a necessity to escape the brunt of chilly weather. But is your furnace shutting down frequently after a short period? An abrupt shutting-off of your heating system requires a furnace service in Bellaire, TX, and urgently address the issue.

Furnace’s short cycling can result in you shelling a fortune for its repairs if not diagnosed on time. You can also end up paying a high utility bill. So what may be the reasons for the frequent on and off cycles of your furnace?

Here are the top three reasons you can look for to uncover the issue.

1. Insufficient Airflow

If your furnace delivers a weak airflow, it can indicate serious underlying issues.

  • Clogged air Filters

The air filters are responsible for heat ventilation in and out of the furnace. If they get clogged, the heat fails to exchange and stays in the heat exchanger, thus overheating. We advise replacing your air filters every three months or two months if you are a pet parent or have allergies.

If you suspect dirty air filters in your heating system, go for a heating replacement in Bellaire, TX.

  • Dirty Blower Wheel

You may blame your furnace’s short cycling on an inefficient dirty-lodged blower wheel. You can break free from this issue by regularly changing your air filter to prevent dirt from settling on your blower wheel blades.

  • Blocked Air Vents

The reasons behind your furnace’s short cycling can be your blocked pr closed air vents. Ensure all air vents are open so that your heat exchanger efficiently does its job.

  • Faulty Blower Motor

A non-functional blower motor can also result in too little or no airflow to have any considerable impact since it circulates the air throughout your place.

2. Malfunctioned Thermostat

The thermostat is the prime control center of your heating system. Any malfunction or defect can put your heating system function on hold.

Thermostat malfunctioning can occur due to drained-out batteries, faulty wiring, or incorrect location.
If you tried adding new batteries but still no vain, contact the heating replacement in Bellaire, TX, near you.

3. Faulty Flame Sensor

A faulty flame sensor can be another top reason that can wreak havoc in your life. A flame sensor is like a flame guard that lets the system register the flame when the gas valve is open. If the flame sensor gets broken, dirty, or corroded, it will not do its job and, the gas valve will shut off, ultimately shutting the furnace as the flame goes unregistered.

If you suspect a faulty flame sensor, consult a furnace service in Bellaire, TX.

How to Avoid Heating System Malfunctions?

Though every HVAC system has a definite lifespan, you can help prolong it with regular maintenance and services. You can ensure regular tune-ups of your system at least once annually.

No one can bear the brunt of a faulty heating system in the middle of chilly weather. You can never ignore the warning signs that something is not right with your heating system. The sooner you detect the issue, the better.

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