Ryan O.

We were looking for a new service provider and found them with Stafford Air of Bellaire! We have had to go through a couple of different A/C contractors because we have an older home and some companies out there are sub-par. Very pleased with the service of this company and they, so far, have charged a fair amount for work done. We will be using Stafford Air of Bellaire again.

Timothy S.

I will never have my A/C work done by anybody other than the Staffords. Rusty has been doing quality work for more than 45 years and it shows. He kept our old A/C running for more than fifteen years, and when it came time to replace it with a new one, he gave us a great price!

Cheryl L.

Fast service, they understood our budget, everyone was friendly from phone call to finish. We were pleased.

Patricia H.

Highly recommend Stafford Air of Bellaire!! We were having heater issues before the ice days and called a different AC company that quoted us on a new furnace because ours was “beyond repair.” We wanted a second opinion and called Stafford Air of Bellaire. The owner’s son Dusty showed up within a few hours and told us the problem was a bad flame sensor. He replaced the part and we paid a fraction of the cost of what the other company had quoted us!! We were so happy to have our heater fixed and working to keep us warm during the ice days without having to have replaced the whole thing!! Great job!!!!

Princess Z.

When our AC/Heating system burst, Stafford Air of Bellaire came by within the day and serviced our system. Mr. Stafford explained to us the situation and presented us with options as to how we could go about it. He and his team worked diligently and got our system up and running within the day. I highly recommend Stafford Air of Bellaire.

Richelle F.

They came out quickly, educated me on my HVAC system, and were extremely courteous. My neighbors on Next Door highly recommend them also.

Cody B.

What a great organization. Dusty was very knowledgeable and was available on short notice. He was able to diagnose my system and point out possible trouble spots that I might have in the future. There was no upselling, just good, honest work. I will definitely be using them for all of my AC needs.

Michelle O.

With the heatwave, our sixteen-year-old Amana was having a slight challenge. My husband previously has been at work during heat waves. Dusty came out and assured me it seemed to be fine for its age, and did not charge the service call. I know there’s plenty of companies, that would put on gage’s, and dance around to waste time, just so they could justify a fee. When my teenager dies, I will be calling Dusty and Mary for replacement Amana HVAC. Thank you for doing honest business!

Robert C.

My family got home from a few days at the beach to find our AC was not blowing cold. I called a company out that we had used for a few small repairs before, and after checking the system out, they informed us we needed a new system because there was a restriction in a refrigerant line and the compressor was not running properly. I called Stafford Air of Bellaire to get a second opinion; they were out within an hour of having called them, and within minutes they had diagnosed a clogged drain line (which, in turn, filled up the drain pan, which tripped a switch to shut the system down). They fixed that, of course, and checked the system out and found no other issues. Stafford Air of Bellaire did mention the system was older and would probably need replacing in the next few years. I asked for a quote, which they sent over that evening. They also texted and told me that they would recommend simply waiting until my unit failed because it was possible I could get another four or five years out of it. Obviously, I’ll be giving them a call when it fails!

Anirban C.

Our HVAC’s blower motor went out on a Saturday evening. I called around a ton of small and big name HVAC companies to see if anyone had a blower motor in stock and could fix our AC. Only Stafford Air of Bellaire came through and very quickly fixed our HVAC. They had the motor in stock, were very professional, and went above and beyond by coming first thing on Sunday to help us. Mary was an absolute joy to work with and kept me updated throughout the process. These are now my go-to folks for any HVAC related issues.