4 Things To Know Before You Replace Your Furnace

If winter is coming, and your furnace still keeps breaking down unexpectedly, then the chances are that you need a replacement immediately. It is impossible to bear the chilly winters of Bellaire and surrounding areas without a properly-functioning furnace. So, if your furnace is letting out strange noises or is increasing your electricity costs and breaks down at random moments, then it’s an indication that you need to replace it.

However, before replacing your furnace, there are certain things that you need to be sure about. It will be useful in the long run.

So, keep reading for further knowledge related to furnace replacement!

What Should You Know Before Replacing a Furnace?

Before focusing on the main replacement task, you should give more attention to the pre-requisites first.

  • Know about your furnace’s efficiency: If you bought your furnace a decade or two ago, then its efficiency rating is lesser than the newer models- around 70 or 80 percent. However, since the introduction of AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), the newer models have an efficiency of up to 98 percent.

This is not surprising considering the advancement in HVAC and furnace models. So, if you’re replacing your old furnace, you’re not just saving up on electricity, but money too. Also, newer models can give you a profitable return on investment, which adds up to the benefits.

  • Faulty ductwork: If your utility bills are high, but you can’t seem to detect any problems with your furnace, then your ductwork is the culprit. Often, ducts with cracks or crevices let the hot air out. And since this escaped hot air cannot heat the house, the house remains cold. This leads the furnace to put extra effort, so it struggles more, cranking up the bills. Therefore, always check your ductwork before deciding to replace your furnace. It is very probable that the ductwork is leaking the air and is at fault.

Improve your house’s infrastructure: There is also the probability of your house not being properly insulated. This can lead the hot air to sneak out through windows and doors. The attic can also be at fault. So before you think about replacing your furnace, check the insulation of your house. Use weather-stripping, which professionals, authorities, and professionals recommend.

Contact the experts: Replacing your old furnace with a new one is a huge investment. It requires calculations, checking efficiency ratings, installing new ductwork et cetera. Before taking this huge step, you should always consult an expert HVAC company. You can look up ‘heating replacement Bellaire, TX’ and contact us via that! Stafford Air of Bellaire is at your disposal for all the heating replacement services so that you can rest easy!

If you wish to get your furnace replaced, you need to look for the above signs and take the mentioned steps. Contact Stafford Heating and Air Conditioning Services via (713) 667-3281 or visit our website! Stafford Air of Bellaire has expert technicians who prioritize client satisfaction over anything else! Reach out to us for free estimates today!