5 Things To Do Now To Avoid A Furnace Repair Late

Not keeping your furnace in good shape can have a huge impact on its lifespan as well as its components later on. A broken furnace in the winter can make you feel uncomfortable. And it can take a huge toll on your pockets as well in the form of repairs. So, we, at Stafford Heating & Air Conditioning Services, have compiled a list of 5 things so that your furnace doesn’t have to suffer!

  • Cleaning The Furnace And Filter Regularly

A way of keeping your furnace efficient and well-maintained is to clean its components and the air filter regularly. A dirty air filter can lead to dust and dirt in the house’s air. Also, it can trigger allergies and can cause trouble for people who have asthma.

Moreover, a dirty filter means that your furnace has to struggle more to produce the same amount of heat, increasing utility costs. So, make sure to clean or replace your furnace’s air filter every 90 days. Also, with over-usage, your furnace’s flame sensor or burner can get dirty as well. This can lead your furnace to shut on & off again and again. Clean these components regularly before the season starts.

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

If you’re not getting your furnace maintained or serviced frequently, you are compromising the air quality and lifespan of the unit. There can be issues with the furnace that are waiting to be detected. Preventative maintenance is essential because it finds out the potential problems in the furnace and resolves them before the time comes for a repair.

It helps you save money and keeps your furnace healthy in the long run. So, always purchase a maintenance plan from a well-known HVAC company. This ensures that your furnace can be cared for when needed.

  • Clear The Obstructions Near The Furnace

The furnace takes up air from its surroundings. If there are hindrances or obstructions near the air vents of the furnace, then it will struggle to do its job and will lead to a high utility bill. So, always clear the area near the furnace.

  • Check The Vents

To avoid a furnace repair:
1. Check the vents and ductwork later on.
2. See if there is any leakage in the ducts and that air isn’t leaking out.
3. Ensure that not more than 20 percent of your air registers are closed.
This can hinder your furnace’s efficiency and ability to produce hot air.

  • Contact Stafford Air of Bellaire

If you detect any abnormality within your furnace or give out strange smells or sounds, then it is time to contact us. This can happen due to a lack of maintenance and overuse. If your electricity bill is unusually high, it can be due to a faulty furnace. Contact Stafford Air of Bellaire immediately to resolve these issues, as we offer professional and timely furnace repair services in Bellaire, TX!

Your furnace needs utmost care and attention. It requires regular maintenance, failing which it can collapse as a unit. Its lifespan can also decrease due to the overuse of its components. So, timely maintenance is a must for all homeowners!

Reach out to Stafford Heating & Air Conditioning Services on (713) 667-3281 or visit our website! We also offer heater repair services in Bellaire, TX, so do not hesitate to reach out to us!