5 Ways To Lower Your A/C Bills!

In the summer, operating the air conditioner might drive up your electricity cost. However, not utilizing it can make the summer temperatures unbearable.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to make your home’s AC unit work more effectively, keeping you comfortable while also saving you money, and the need for constant AC repairs in Bellaire.

Experts Suggest Five Ways To Lower AC Bills!

Check out these five practical suggestions to cut your air conditioner’s energy costs:

Install Programmable Thermostat

Many homeowners fail to switch off or leave their air conditioning on to maintain comfort when leaving for work, school, or at night. It is a big contributor to elevated electricity costs. Consider purchasing a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat will help you save your preferred temperature settings and when you want to switch off the system. The thermostat works according to the set instructions, and you do not have to do anything manually again, apart from when you need to change the settings. Moreover, smart thermostats can be connected to wifi.

Frequently Clean AC Filters.

An air filter helps to circulate warm air in and cold air out smoothly while filtering out impurities. The filter accumulates dirt, dust, and particles over time. The debris will clog the filter if it isn’t clean, restricting airflow and leading to issues that require AC repair service in Bellaire. To ensure that your AC is in good working order during the summer, clean the filter once a week.

Do Not Neglect Maintenance.

On average, the AC requires complete maintenance twice a year to operate at maximum efficiency. However, the issues could worsen if you keep putting off the maintenance, lowering the system’s effectiveness and increasing your monthly expense. Improper maintenance could also result in a breakdown.

To increase the lifespan and efficiency of your appliance, have our professional air conditioning contractor in Bellaire, TX, perform an examination, cleaning, and maintenance on it once or twice a year.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be beneficial to maintain the coolness in your room after the AC system has worked for more than two hours. Ceiling fans help to distribute the cool air quickly to different corners.

It is best to invest in a high-tech smart ceiling fan. Many modern models allow you to set times for it to turn on and off and regulate its pace from your phone.

Fix The Leaks

Your home’s windows and doors can have cracks and apertures that let air enter and exit. Usually, your home’s doors, windows, and structure are the first places you should look for leaks. The AC system will have difficulty reaching the desired temperature if leaks occur.

Our air conditioning contractor in Bellaire, TX, can inspect your property to look for leaks and find a solution. These audits will look over your house and find potential energy inefficiencies.

To Sum Up

Avoid letting high energy costs and expensive AC repairs in Bellaire ruin your summer. Schedule a maintenance service at the beginning of summer to spend the season comfortably.

Stafford Air of Bellaire will assist you in establishing a comfortable air-conditioned space without burning a hole in your wallet. Call 713-667-3281 or 713-254-6666 to learn more energy-saving tips from our experts!