How Do You Troubleshoot A Furnace Problem?

If you have experienced any problems with your furnace recently, this should prompt you to contact a technician for furnace repair in Bellaire, TX. However, there are some furnace troubleshooting tips you can try before you get professional assistance. Continue reading for more information.

Some Tips To Take Care Of Your System In An Emergency

  • Thermostat: Your thermostat detects accurate indoor air temperature and instructs your furnace to adjust the temperature accordingly. However, you should regularly check your thermostat for malfunctions and technical issues. Check the thermostat, settings, and batteries if you feel your system is not working efficiently.

    Alternatively, you can install a smart thermostat instead of your regular one. After a few days, a smart thermostat learns your temperature preference and adjusts accordingly. Once the temperature is right, it turns off the furnace, reminds you about maintenance schedules, maintains the air filters, and can be controlled from your smartphone.

  • Filters And Vents: If you contacted your technician for heater repair in Bellaire, TX, you may have noticed that they first checked the air filters. Air filters are responsible for most of the efficiency problems furnaces encounter. Check your air filters for dust and dirt clogging before doing anything.

    Ensure your air filters are cleaned or replaced monthly to avoid poor indoor air quality and decreased heating efficiency. The problems you face with your vents are similar to those with your air filters. If your vents are blocked with foreign materials or bacterial growth, you will remain cold.
  • Circuit Breakers: Using the circuit breaker on your furnace ensures no excessive electricity intake, as excessive intake may damage your furnace’s sensitive parts. The furnace stops working when the fuse blows due to increased voltage flow.

    After turning off the switch for a few minutes, turn it back on; this should restart your furnace. You should contact a heater repair professional in Bellaire, TX if your furnace does not start working after this.
  • Gas Valve: In most cases, the gas valve at the bottom of the furnace is to blame for a furnace that shuts down or does not generate heat. You can replace the gas valve yourself, but it is not recommended since you may damage the furnace or injure yourself. It is best to contact a trustworthy and expert professional if the gas valve is broken or malfunctioning.
  • Pilot Light: At the bottom of your furnace, a pilot light ignites the gas that enters the system to generate heat. When the pilot light malfunctions, the system will not generate heat even if the wires are in good condition and the filters are clean. It would be best to clean it regularly so your pilot light does not go out unexpectedly.


Your furnace will run more efficiently if you follow these simple tips and tricks. A thorough inspection and maintenance of the system may still require a professional. The team at Stafford Air of Bellaire is qualified to handle all types of furnace problems at affordable prices. Contact us now for the best services!