How To Prevent Contactor From Burning Out

Contactors are a part of modern technology in air conditioners. They are reliable, trustworthy, and credible in comparison to older models of contactors. Each piece of equipment should be used within the set parameters and its limit. Such is the case with contractors as well. If the contractors are under too much stress while operating, there will be a failure.

All the electrical equipment should be properly installed, and steps should be taken to maintain them. Not maintaining them will lead to operation failure and might even pose a hazard for you. So, you should know what steps you should take during installation to prevent your contactor from burning out. Ask your local air conditioner Bellaire TX team for more tips on this.

What are the Steps to Contactor Installation?

Several steps should be taken before installation and during installation, and they should be paid attention to carefully.

Steps that Should Be Taken Before Installation of the Contactor Are:

  • Firstly, check if the operating voltage running through the lines and the voltage requirements of the contactor are compatible. If not, then it will cause your contactor to burn out eventually.
  • A dry cloth should be used without failing to clean anti-rust grease in the contactor. And for cleaning the rust, gasoline should be used.
  • Avoid any hot spots around the contactor. Also, check if the ambient temperature around the contactor is within specified limits, not over the top and not under the bar.

Steps that Should Be Taken During the Installation of the Contactor:

  • During a vertical installation of the contactor, the tilt must be 5o.
  • Make sure that you’re tightening the screws around all the sockets. Leaving any metal parts exposed to the air will lead to oxidation and rusting of the metal.
  • Make sure to remove any wires that are loose or fine-ended. Trust us. It can go a long way in protecting any blockage around your contactor.

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How to Maintain an AC Contactor?

An AC contactor’s maintenance is of two types, namely inactive maintenance, and run-time maintenance. As the names suggest, both come into play when the unit is not working and working, respectively.

During Inactive Maintenance:

  • Firstly, you need to clean the AC contactor regularly.
  • Ensure that the cables are safe and not damaged and that the insulation is intact.
  • Make sure that there is a strict measurement of interphase insulation resistance.
  • Also, ensure that the iron core is removed from the contractor when there is a power failure inspection.
  • Check for strange sounds coming out of the unit.

During Run-Time Maintenance:

  • Ensure that there is no abnormal sound coming from the contactor.
  • Check if the load current is within the limit.
  • Check if the AC contactor is in adherence to the normal circuit indicators.

A contactor is an important component used in relaying higher currents and hence, requires special care. If it turns out, replacing it might prove expensive. Moreover, it is a risk that can be avoided easily by looking out for it. Hence, follow these steps during installation and operation so that it does not burn out. For more details and consultations regarding contactors, contact our ac installation Bellaire TX team! Reach out to Stafford Air of Bellaire via phone on (713)667-3281 today!