Problems Caused By Poor Furnace Installation

Improper furnace installation has a high price. Are you looking for a way to save money on a new furnace installation? Choosing the cheapest HVAC contractor might end up costing you a lot of money; The quality of the heater you pick is just as important as how well it is installed. Installing an HVAC system correctly is essential for monthly energy savings and a long-term investment. Listed below are some problems that can be caused by poor furnace installation.

A Furnace That Isn’t The Right Size For Your Needs

Based on parameters such as square footage and the leakiness of a home’s construction envelope, HVAC professionals from our furnace installation in Bellaire, TX, must precisely assess the Manual J load or heating capacity. You might wind up with an over-or under-sized HVAC system if you don’t have this information, resulting in

  • Reduced Productivity And Efficiency

When HVAC companies get complaints about excessive energy bills, even with modern, high-efficiency systems, they realize there’s something wrong. Systems that cycle or operate longer than they should are prone to sizing problems. Temperatures are kept uniform and consistent using the correct size system.

  • Uncomfortable Temperatures in the House

Suppose the output capacity of your unit does not match the size of your ducts. In that case, you will have air distribution problems, resulting in inconsistent interior temperatures and hot and cold spots. Furnaces must be fine-tuned after installation to perform properly, from the blower fan to ductwork distribution and exhaust pressure. This is known as commissioning, and if you skip it, your system will never reach its full potential in terms of performance and energy savings.

  • Furnace Failure Before It Should

A well-installed furnace should endure for at least 15-20 years. Excessive wear and tear produced by a poorly sized system that cannot satisfy your home’s demand might rob you of your investment and cause it to fail prematurely.

Poor Furnace Installation Causes Serious HVAC Safety Issues

Performance concerns aren’t the only drawbacks you’ll face if your system isn’t correctly sized. When a furnace isn’t the correct size, serious safety risks might arise, such as:

  • Gas Leaks

Overly long or incorrectly slanted vent pipes, as well as gaps between joints, will prevent furnace gases from venting outdoors, resulting in carbon monoxide accumulation within your house. This colorless, odorless gas has the potential to harm your health. If you have even small concerns about gas leaks, don’t put it off — contact an emergency air conditioning service right away.

  • Electrical Issues

Inexperienced contractors will create a slew of issues, including wasting electricity, rising energy bills, tripping circuit breakers impeding correct functioning, and increasing the danger of a house fire.

  • Indoor Air Quality is Poor

The operation of your furnace greatly influences the air quality in your house. Water collection and structural damage, including mold and mildew development, will occur in systems with inadequate drainage designs, lowering indoor air quality.

Our furnace service in Bellaire, TX, conducts HVAC instals, replacements, tune-ups, and other services. Our professionals can offer you experienced HVAC services to guarantee that you get the comfort and efficiency you deserve from your system.