Signs That Indicate A Bad Flame Sensor

A bad furnace flame sensor is something that you need to look out for. Chances are very high that if the functioning of a flame sensor is not properly, it can lead to leakage of natural gas or propane into your home and can be accidentally ignited. That’s why it is very important to detect if a furnace has a bad flame sensor or not.

Flame sensor troubleshooting is usually done by furnace repair in Bellaire, TX, during regular furnace maintenance. However, you can suspect signs or symptoms of a bad flame sensor.

The big challenge is not replacing a faulty flame sensor, but it is about detecting that your flame sensor is not functioning properly. However, some people get confused between a faulty flame sensor and a dirty flame sensor. You will need to open your furnace and locate the sensor to determine that.

3 Signs of a Bad Flame Sensor

Here are the 3 most common ways out of several signs to tell if you have a bad flame sensor:

1.  It Turns On and Off Rapidly

The classic symptom of a bad flame sensor is that it turns off and on quickly. Turning on the furnace releases heat that is not detected in a faulty sensor and thus, closes the gas valve by shutting the furnace down.

2.  The Flame Sensor is Cracked or Broken

When the Flame sensor is cracked, you can notice short cycles. But to detect a crack in the flame sensor, it is necessary that you locate the position of the sensor first. A bad flame sensor will have a crack in the outer part, responsible for heat detection (temperature changes). If it is broken, its ability to detect heat will be very limited or completely diminished.

3.  Dirty Flame Sensor

Another sign is that any type of corrosion or dirt visible on the flame sensor. Anything that limits the heat exchange on a sensor will lead to unusual results. In the case of flame sensors, you will see either corrosion or dirt (soot) on the sensor itself. This may be a consequence of wear and tear, too-high humidity levels, or irregular or even non-existent flame furnace cleaning. With the full ability to detect heat due to a layer of corrosion or dirt on the sensor, you will often see your short furnace cycling.

Look for these signs discussed above in order to resolve the issues as soon as possible because lingering on with the issues can worsen the situation. As you can see, the easiest way to tell if your furnace flame sensor is out of order or bad is to detect short cycling. Anybody can notice a furnace turning on and off in rapid succession.

If your furnace is well maintained, it will not lead to any such conditions, or it does not require any furnace installation in Bellaire, TX. Thus, keep observing for new warning signs and do not ignore them.

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